Thursday, January 08, 2009

Zhang Ziyi 'Caught' Topless By Papparazi

One of the pix of Zhang and Aviv Nevo

CHINESE superstar Zhang Ziyi has become a hot traffic item on the Internet ever since she was caught topless by paparazzi with her Israeli boyfriend Aviv “Vivi” Nevo, 43, in St Barts, French West Indies, last weekend.

The photo scandal of the actress smooching on the exclusive and private beach got her fans to clamour the Chinese authorities to crackdown on 'porn' on the Internet. Some close-minded fans also called for her to be blacklisted.

Her expose comes a year after the Edison Chen photo scandal, when the Hong Kong-based actor's collection of intimate shots with various actresses and celebrities shook the Chinese entertainment industry last January. However, the Zhang Ziyi photos are not as explicit and obscene as last year's.

It is considered natural for guests to go topless while sunbathing on St Barts beach - and most people see this as an invasion of privacy by a Los Angeles-based papparazi.

Ziyi announced last July that she will marry Nevo, a media capitalist and movie producer, this year.


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