Thursday, January 01, 2009

'IP MAN' Tops Local B-O For Second Weekend

'Australia' Opens at Disappointing 6th Place!

DONNIE YEN's kungfu film, 'Ip Man' (pictured below), topped the local box-office again last weekend (Dec 25-28, 2008) and collected RM1.115 million at 65 screens for a cumulative gross of RM3.09 million over two weeks. The biopic on Bruce Lee's martial arts master, Yip Man, collected RM1.28 million in its opening weekend (Dec 18-20).

'The Spirit' did RM979,000 last weekend at second position, while 'Yes Man' made RM571,000 at third place. The big surprise, at least for me, is how badly Australia' did in its opening weekend, losing out to even holdover, 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' (in its third week).

Here is the rest of the line-up and last weekend's collection:

4. Bedtime Stories made RM564,000 in its sneak previews;

5. Day The Earth Stood Still - RM326,000 in its 3rd week;

6. Australia - RM320,000 in its opening weekend;

7. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - RM244,000 in its 2nd week;

8. Cicakman 2 - RM180,000 in its 3rd week;

9. Diary of The Dead - RM173,000 in opening weekend;

10. Bolt - RM146,000 in its 4th week.



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