Monday, December 29, 2008

'Marley' Is Top Dog at US Weekend B-O

THE naughty dog movie, 'Marley And Me' is top dog at the US box-office stakes in the post Christmas weekend, followed by three new films, including Bedtime Stories at No. 2.

Here are the (Dec 26-28) estimates, according to rank, (previous rank), weekend taking, cumulative gross, week on chart:

1. Marley And Me US$37 mil, US$51.6m 1st Week

2. Bedtime Stories US$28 mil, US$38.5m 1st week

3. Curious Case of Benjamin Button US$27m, US$39m 1st week

4. Valkyrie US$21.5m, US$30m, 1st week

5. (1) Yes Man US$16m, US$49.5m 2nd week

6. (2) Seven Pounds US$13.4m, US$39m, 2nd week

7. (3) Tale of Despereaux US$9.3m, US$27.9, 2nd week

8. (4) Day The Earth Stood Still US$7.9m, US$63.6m, 3rd week

9. The Spirit US$6.5m, US$10.3m 1st week

10. (15) Doubt US$5.6m, US$8.8m, 3rd week

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