Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Marley and 7 Others Keep US B-O rankings

AFTER an encouraging start last weekend, 'Marley And Me' held on to the top spot in the US box-office. The other Top 8 movies on last week's list also held on to their positions in a week that saw no big movie openings in the US.

Here are the Jan 2-4, 2009 figures, according to rank, (previous rank), weekend taking, cumulative gross, week on chart:

1 (1) Marley And Me US$24,263,763 US$106,664,046 2nd wk

2 (2) Bedtime Stories US$20,501,339 US$85,539,168 2nd wk

3 (3) Curious Case of Benjamin Button US$18,691,248 US$79,297,086 2nd wk

4 (4) Valkyrie US$14,094,617 US$60,743,921 2nd wk

5 (5) Yes Man US$13,910,477 US$79,507,388 3rd wk

6 (6) Seven Pounds US$10,068,518 US$60,147,298 3rd wk

7 (7) Tale of Despereaux US$6,939,295 US$43,661,775 3rd wk

8 (8) Day the Earth Stood Still US$5,049,698 US$74,424,256 4th wk

9 (10) Doubt US$5,000,893 US$18,705,481 4th wk

10 (13) Slumdog Millionaire US$4,690,769 US$28,676,598 8th wk

Source: Boxofficemojo.com


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