Thursday, July 06, 2006


(A guide to help you plan your cinema-going)

1. SUPERMAN RETURNS (Fantasy adventure with Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey) Rated * * * (out of 4): The Man of Steel is back and he is saving the world from Lex Luthor's evil and reclaiming his old flame reporter Lois.

2. JUST MY LUCK (romantic comedy with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine) Rated: * * 1/2 (2.5 stars): She seems to have Lady Luck guiding here wherever she goes and he seems to be a magnet for mishaps. Find out what happens when these two meet and kiss!

3. TAKE THE LEAD (ballroom dancing caper with Antonio Banderas and Rob Brown) Rated: * * 1/2 (2.5 stars): Like a modern Zorro, Banderas rides in (on bicycle) to save a bunch of hopeless students from boredom by teaching them ballroom dancing. Viva Banderas!

4. RECYCLED (Horror thriller with Lee Sin-Je and Lau Siu-Ming) Rated * * (2 stars): This horror flick by the Pang Brothers wallows too much in its ‘newfound’ special effects and forgets about the main plot.

5. LOVE UNDERCOVER 3 (Cantonese comedy with Fiona Sit, Hui Siu Hung and Takuya Suzuki) Rated * (1 star): The only reason for anyone to catch this inane scatterbrain comedy is for one to punish oneself.


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