Wednesday, July 05, 2006


JATUH CINTA LAGI (romantic comedy, Indonesian)
Cast: Krisdayanti, Gary Iskak, Cornelia Agatha and Endhita
Director: Rizal Mantovani
Time: 95 mins
Rating: * * (out of 4)
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WHAT’S IT ABOUT? He drives a flashy sports car and frequents the trendiest nightspots with the hottest chicks in town. She has had her heart broken by guys like him and her sixth sense tells her to avoid him like the plague. Yet you know what happens: They fall in love and someone gets hurt…

WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? This is the predictable love story of lawyers Lila (Krisdayanti) and Andre (Gary Iskak), opposing counsels in the high-profile divorce case of dangdut singer Angelina (Cornelia Agatha) and her hubby Dr Gatot (Bayu Ario Tomo). How an intelligent and beautiful woman like Lila can fall for the flashy and callous Andre is a mystery that director Rizal Mantovani does not bother to resolve. They may say love is blind but we have to add ‘stupid’ to that, considering the way Lila succumbs to Andre’s questionable charms. And whatever happens to them later, we can't help but feel that they deserve it. Jatuh Cinta Lagi is full of shallow characters and we have no sympathy for most of them.

HIGHLIGHTS: The one feather in Rizal’s directorial cap is that he knows how to keep his scenes vibrant – by shooting in posh locales and filling them with energetic extras. In fact, some of the extras perform better than the leads. Gary Iskak, for one, overacts throughout the movie and is irritatingly unfunny, while Krisdayanti is not convincing as the caring lawyer. The only cast member who earns her salary is Endhati who plays Lila’s best friend and confidante.

LOWLIGHTS: Director Rizal seems compelled to fill every sequence with over-the-top gags and silly slapstick. Few of these work and the overall tone of the movie is not one of romantic fun but ‘contrived nonsense’. For example, Lila’s housemate Susan (Endhita) is always in masquerade costumes, even at home. And the only time it is relevant is when Lila falls in love and comes home to find Susan dressed as Cupid.

THE LOWDOWN? Too bad construction workers and domestic maids do not read this blog. They would find this movie entertaining.


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