Saturday, June 10, 2006


Cast: The Class of 1968, Convent Green Lane Penang, some ex-teachers and some spouses
Producer & videographer: Yours Truly
Time: 35 mins
Uncensored, Unretouched and Unrated (for private viewing only)
The Malay Mail report on the First Reunion in 2001
WHAT’S IT ABOUT? After a hugely successful Reunion in Penang in June 2001, the CGL68 class held a Sequel with an even bigger ‘cast’ on June 3-4 weekend. Five years ago, they behaved like 16-year-olds at a slumber party up on Penang Hill. This time around, they have matured a little – they are cavorting like 21-year-olds comparing their first dates. The ‘global cast’ includes members from the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and host, Penang.

WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? This is a chance for the gals to let their hair down (those who still have hair, that is). It is the chance to meet, eat and yak, and recalling old times… like who went out with which boy, and what had happened to the poor boy. The usually serene venue, Stella Maris in Tanjong Tokong, Penang, is abuzz with screams, shrieks and laughter well into the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, nobody notified the police.

HIGHLIGHTS: The Reunion culminates in a ‘55th Birthday Dinner’ at a restaurant at Cititel, Penang, where a newly-formed Young-At-Hearts choir, dressed in old Covent school uniform, presents a series of songs for their former teachers. Caught up in the mood of the evening, the ex-teachers return the favour with a couple of hastily-composed songs. Actingwise, I must say most are natural – reverting to their school day personae, jumping and screaming with glee, and all talking at the same time, with scant regard for their spouses who look on indulgently.

LOWLIGHTS: As always, parting is such sweet sorrow that the gals take hours just to walk from the restaurant to the car park. Then at Stella Maris, more of the same… and ad infinitum.

THE LOWDOWN? A mini-video that has no entertainment value to the cinema-goer, except the ‘performers’. Some scenes may be blackmail material for their children.
Those at the dinner at Nonya Breeze
CAST LIST: From UK: Low Cheng Ee and spouse David, Kam Kee Chooi, Wong Oy Yong and spouse Michael Yeoh, and Suria R; From USA: Molly Leong;
From Australia: Yeap Geik Hoe, Saw Kuan and Lai Yin; From New Zealand: Teh Kee Sim and spouse Larry, Loh Say Khuan and spouse Fred, and Tammy;
From Singapore: Khoo Hoon Eng, Aw Chooi Im and spouse Stan, and Loo Lian Ee.
From KL: Toh Li Li, Choong Chew Tsio and spouse Chang Moh, and Lim Suan Sim; and From Penang: Khoo Say Hong and spouse Tay Cheng Eng, Ooi Chooi See, Ong Chooi Ai, Goh Gaik Chai and spouse Tony; Mary Chong, Girlie Saw and spouse Kenneth, Tan Su Ee, Dorothy Chin and Swee Sim.
Teachers attending: Former headmistress Sister Aidan, Mrs Chan, Mrs Yeow and Mrs Ooi.
Cutting the Birthday Cake at Cititel

The girls and choir posing with their former teachers

Part of the group at Stella Maris apartment


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