Thursday, July 06, 2006

JUST MY LUCK: Lohan's Transition Flick

JUST MY LUCK (romantic comedy)
Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine, Somaire Armstrong and Bree Turner
Director: Donald Petrie
Time: 108 mins
Rating: * * ½ (out of 4)
Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine in JUST MY LUCK
WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Ashley (Lohan) leads a charmed life as everything seems to go well for her. As soon as she steps on to the kerb, the rain stops, a taxi is available and she even gets promoted to manager at work. Why, Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress is mistakenly delivered to her apartment – and it is her size as well! Jake (Pine), on the other hand, has the short end of the stick where luck is concerned. He is out to promote a boy band but nothing seems to go well for him – until he gets kissed by Ashley and has her lucky streak transferred to him. Now, the distraught Ashley must find out what happened and get her charmed life back.

WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? This looks a lot like Freaky Friday (which also starred Lohan). It has the same lightweight mood and tone and should also go down well with the pre-teen crowd as the plot is spiced with music, hot chicks, cool guys, and trendy parties. And of course, with Lohan and Pine (of Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement) in the lead, this one should be just as lucky at the box-office and DVD stores.

HIGHLIGHTS: The movie features the actual British pop group McFly which Jake manages. But director Donald Petrie rightly puts the emphasis on the love story between Lohan and Pine and there is even some chemistry between them.

LOWLIGHTS: I don’t care much for the contrived 'confectionery' scripted to take Lohan from kiddie flicks to the romantic comedy genre. It is much too sugary for adults and those who expect more in terms of wit and humour.

THE LOWDOWN: Mainly for Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine fans who are growing out of Parent Trap and Princess Diaries.


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