Wednesday, January 17, 2007

'EPIC MOVIE' Poster 'Censored'

Jan 15 2007: A 'funny thing' happened to the poster of 20th Century Fox's "Epic Movie" in Malaysia. It got an 'offending' part 'CENSORED' (see picture).
The original movie poster was actually rejected by the Censorship Board for public display/distribution in Malaysia because it had two women (among its cast of characters) showing an 'undesirable' amount of cleavage. After being rejected, Fox decided to 'modify' the poster by placing the text "CENSORED" to cover the offending elements. It was then re-submitted – and subsequently approved for public display.

Looking at the innocuously revised poster, one can only admire the ingenuity involved in transforming the banned element into a 'document' fit for public use. Technically, Malaysia may be the only market in the world with the word 'Censored' flashed across the "Epic Movie" poster.

"We felt that unlike other more serious movies, being a comedy spoof of epic movies, the additional 'Censored' word may even enhance the effect of the poster," an industry source said.


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