Friday, January 15, 2010

'Avatar' Sets US$100m Global Record for IMAX

JAN 15, 2010 - IMAX Corporation has scored its first US$100m global hit as sources confirmed that Avatar has grossed more than US$101.3m since the film launched one month ago.

James Cameron’s sci-fi epic has amassed more than US$33.3m overseas and US$68m in North America, easily outstripping The Polar Express’ US$71m mark to become the biggest worldwide hit yet on the large screen format.

Avatar is understood to have crossed US$100m mark early on Thursday morning [January 14].

Meanwhile IMAX Corporation, Marvel and Paramount announced they had signed a deal to release Iron Man 2 on May 7.

Iron Man 2 is a fantastic addition to our growing film slate for 2010, which is filling out faster than any previous year,” IMAX CEO Richard L Gelfond said. “The roll-out of our digital projection system has enabled us to add more films to the slate, and we’re very excited to partner with Marvel and Paramount on this next instalment of the incredible Iron Man franchise.”

“The success of the first Iron Man movie catapulted the franchise from the comic books to theatre screens, and we’re excited that the IMAX format will offer fans an even more immersive way to experience the sequel,” Marvel Studios COO Tim Connors said. (Source: Screen International)


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