Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mama Mia! Sequel In The Works

OCT 27, 2009 - Cinemagoers will be getting another dose of ABBA songs with the planned sequel to the hit musical Mama Mia!

Amanda Seyfried
(below), who played Meryl Streep's daughter Sophie Sheridan in the 2008 film, told BBC News last weekend that the film-makers have been planning the sequel for a long time.

The Guardian of Britain reported that Seyfried seemed certain that Mamma Mia! 2 would use the remaining of Abba’s catalogue just as effectively as the first film did, but this may pose a bit of a problem as the first film had the pick of the best of ABBA's hits.

“I know it’s still going to be ABBA music, because what else would it be? Come on, I wouldn’t do Mamma Mia! 2 without Benny and Bjorn. I think we all had the best time and we all got along so well. It was like some days it felt like we were just people on vacation. I will do it. And I know Meryl’s game as well, so bring it on. It will be so cool,” she said.

No word on who in the original cast will be reprising their roles.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson (right) will be making her Broadway debut in a revival of Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge,” the show’s organisers said over the weekend.

Johansson, 24, will appear on the Great White Way opposite actor Liev Schreiber in the drama set in 1950s America. It is about a Brooklyn dockyard worker obsessed with his 17-year-old niece, to be played by Johansson.

Previews will begin Dec 28 and the show will run for 14 weeks.

Johansson, a former child star, made the transition to adult roles with her critically-acclaimed performance in Sofia Coppola's film Lost in Translation opposite Bill Murray, for which she won a BAFTA Award.

We just know she won't be lost in her transition to theatre.


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