Thursday, June 21, 2007

WEEKEND PIC June 22 - 24

Your Guide To The Weekend Viewing:

1. SURF'S UP (animated comedy with voices of Shia LaBeouf, Jeff Bridges, Zooey Deschanel and Jon Heder) Rated * * 1/2 (out of 4): Masquerading as a 'mockumentary', this story about a young penguin's quest to be champion surfer offers a few laughs and references to real-life celebs. But not enough oomph, though.
2. ALONE (Thai horror thriller with Masha Wattanapanich, Namo Tongkumnerd, Vittaya Wasukraipaisan and Ratchanoo Bunchootwong) Rated * * 1/2 (2.5 stars): We get the requisite jolts and plot twists in this mystery about a separated Siamese twin. Okay if you don't expect too much out of this team that made "Shutter".

3. OCEAN'S THIRTEEN (crime drama with George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt) Rated * * * (out of 4): Ocean's gang are out for revenge against a crafty casino owner in this 'trequel' that simmers a lot but lacks sizzle.

4. FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER (sci-fi thriller with Michael Chiklis, Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans and Jessica Alba) Rated * * (2 stars): After the initial chase scene with the Silver Surfer, everything seems to go downhill with this disappointing sequel - with lame dialogue and prolonged build-up and little in terms of pay-off.

5. SHREK 3 (animated comedy with the voices of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas and Justin Timberlake) Rated: * * 1/2 (2.5 stars): This third instalment continues the saga of the green Ogre who discovers that he is now heir to the throne and that he is gonna be a dad! Despite repetitious gags, it is still a fun movie.

TRANSFORMERS Fans, Take Note: There is an exhibition of Transformers characters and toys, including a giant Optimus Prime, at the Transformers Robotcon 2007 at Cineleisure Damansara this weekend, from 10am to 10pm. Details, check out the news section at


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