Thursday, June 21, 2007

Homer's 'Home at Last' after Kidnap Ordeal

21 June – "How did the kidnappers treat ya, Dad?" This is probably what young Bart would have asked his dad, Homer Simpson, upon his return to his favourite couch after an ordeal with two Malaysian kidnappers that started early last Monday.

Homer's reply would probably go like this: "Well son. It was horrible. They carried me off to their car and when they found that I could not fit into the back seat, they tried to put me in the trunk. So there I was, with my butt sticking out as they drove out of the parking lot into the night. Luckily the Malaysian police managed to trace the licence plate of the car from the CCTV and found the kidnappers. All through the ordeal, I didn't even get to have a beer or watch TV!"
CCTV image of the theft last Monday

Petaling Jaya Central police chief Mazlan Mansor was reported as saying that the case has been solved. The theft of the Homer Simpson figure was first reported on Cinema Online last Monday (18 June 2007). The two students, who were believed to be over-exuberant fans of The Simpsons, returned the fibre-glass figure to police today, ending a caper that might as well have been an episode of the popular TV series.

The 15-kg replica of Homer holding a candy box is part of a promotional display at a local cinema in 1 Utama for the upcoming movie, The Simpsons. The theft in the early hours of last Monday was recorded on close-circuit camera and reported to the police by the cinema management.

Ms. Moo Hon Mei of 20th Century Fox said the RM1,000 reward offered earlier is not valid now as the case was solved by police. It is learnt that the entire kidnap was recorded on the shopping complex's CCTV. The cameras also caught the car's registration number which led police to the culprits, said to be "passionate fans who want to own a piece of The Simpsons before the movie opens."

Police have released the suspects on bail, pending charges.


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