Thursday, January 25, 2007

'GOLDEN FLOWER" now in Mandarin

25 Jan - In response to so-called ‘popular demand', Buena Vista Columbia Tristar has released the original Mandarin version of "Curse of the Golden Flower" exclusively at GSC Mid Valley, GSC 1 Utama (New Wing), GSC Berjaya Times Square, GSC Gurney Plaza and GSC Queensbay Mall today (Thursday, Jan 25).

Ever since the movie opened on 21 December 2006, there had been complaints about the movie being dubbed in Cantonese for its release in Malaysia. Language purists lamented the loss of ‘cultural' and other ‘subtle' language nuances in its conversion to the dialect.

Those who have seen the Cantonese version complained that the ‘flowery' Mandarin terms used in the imperial Tang court were lost in the translation. Also some forumers writing in Cinema Online's Forum said the ‘alterations' (to Cantonese terms) seem to have "taken away the essence of the emotions conveyed" by the characters.

One reader said that showing the Cantonese version in Penang is not fair for Penangites who mostly speak Hokkien and would have understood and enjoyed the Mandarin version better. Another cinema-goer, meanwhile, questioned if this release of the original version was a gimmick to get people to watch the movie again.

However, there may be a ‘sweetener' in store for those who watch the Mandarin version in Penang. It has been reported that a limited edition "Curse of the Golden Flower" notepad will be given out with every purchase of four movie tickets at GSC Queensbay Mall, while stocks last.

Starring Gong Li and Chow Yun Fat, and directed by China's maverick film-maker Zhang Yimou, "Curse Of The Golden Flower" is about a dysfunctional imperial family whose squabbles turn fatal. The movie has also been known for its generous show of Tang Dynasty-style cleavage. Thanks for the mammaries, Zhang!


At 2:58 pm, Blogger jesscet said...

i was quite annoyed when i saw the ad in the paper today on this! I mean, why did the movie studio decide to give Malaysia cinemas the Cantonese version in the first place? We are not Hong Kong (and even i think Hong Kongers may like to watch in Mandarin too!) and most of our cinema goers would appreciate the original mandarin language spoken in the imperial courts then as well as by the actors whose (apart from Chow YF) mother tongue was mandarin!

I think by now M'sian audience had already caught this movie and honestly, language aside, it is not as great a movie to warrant a second watch, even if it is in its original language..

it's a far cry from say Crouching Tiger where I remember watching it once in Cantonese and once in Mandarin (since we did have a choice then!)

notepad as gift? just a cheap gimmick la.. hope Penanglites don't fall for it!

At 4:42 pm, Blogger Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Jesscet,
Thanks for your comments. Most folks would agree with you on this. Let's see how long the movie last in its Mandarin version. Cheers


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