Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Titans Is Actually The Top Film at US B-O

APRIL 13, 2010 - OOPS! With the actual figures tallied, Clash Of The Titans trounced over Date Night over the weekend.

Despite Sunday morning studio estimates reporting Date Night in first place, Clash of the Titans prevailed when actual grosses were tallied on Monday, but less than US$1.8 million separated the top three movies.

Titans came in at US$26.6 million, slightly less than its US$26.9 million Sunday estimate, but Date Night had the biggest overestimation: its actual gross was $25.2 million versus the $27.1 million that 20th Century Fox reported on Sunday morning. How to Train Dragon was also overestimated, landing with $24.9 million compared to its $25.4 million estimate.

Here is the ACTUAL Top 5 North American B-O grosses for April 9 - 11, 2010 weekend, in terms of rank, Movie name (studio), Weekend takings in USD, (Cumulative gross, USD) and week on chart, courtesy of Boxofficemojo.

1. Clash of the Titans (Warner Bros.) $26.6 million ($110.2 million) 2

2. Date Night (Fox) $25.2 million ($25.2 million) 1

3. How to Train Your Dragon (DreamWorks) $24.8 million ($133.4 million) 3

4. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? (Lionsgate) $11.0 million ($48.5 mil) 2

5. The Last Song (Buena Vista) $9.8 million ($42.2 million) 2


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