Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jack Neo Hits Out At 'Stone-Casters'

MARCH 13, 2010 - Singapore film-maker Jack Neo went on the offensive today and labelled his accusers 'stone-casters' for trying to get at him when he is down.

Since March 6, when news of his affair with model Wendy Chong, 22, broke out, Neo has been the subject of talk all over the island nation.

In an interview with The New Paper, Neo proclaimed: “I had only ONE affair, for which I am totally repentant and totally remorseful. As for the others who have surfaced to make all kinds of claims, I wonder what their motives are. Is it because they think I am down-and-out now that they can join in to cast stones at me?”

Neo was referring to recent media reports which claimed that he had 'harassed' as many as 10 other women in his life, including flings with a former acting student and a script-writer from Thailand.

Foyce Le Xuan, a former artiste of his entertainment group J-Team, had accused him of sexually harassing her by asking her to share “private” moments with him in a hotel room. When she rejected his advances, she found herself gradually being dropped from acting assignments and projects. She said he has forgiven him.

In his blog, Neo wrote: 'An extra-marital affair is a domestic matter and many people have told me that as long as my wife and family forgive me, it's enough and I need not care about anything else.

'But think about it. In the past 20 years, you grew up with my television and film work. You know me so well, care about me, trust me unreservedly and support me. How can I think of you as outsiders, too?'

So it is my wish too to be forgiven by you.'


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