Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kristen Stewart As A Teenage Prostitute

FEB 16, 2010 - Twilight fans in America will get to see Kristen 'Bella' Stewart playing a pot-smoking prostitute in a 2008 film called Welcome To The Rileys this fall.

The movie, which is at the Berlin film festival without its two leading stars — Stewart and James Gandolfini (of The Sopranos fame) — found a distributor for the key US market and will hit cinemas in autumn.

Director Jake Scott, son of Ridley, said he first considered Stewart (pictured) for the part of Mallory when Sean Penn recommended her on the strength of her performance in his movie Into the Wild.

Stewart, 19, is now a teen sensation after the two Twilight movies, and her involvement in Welcome to the Rileys is expected to be a major boost for a low-budget, independently-produced film.

She plays Mallory, a teenaged stripper and prostitute in New Orleans whom Doug Riley (Gandolfini), takes under his protective wing.
Riley's affection for Mallory is driven by a desire to find a surrogate for his own daughter, who died in a car crash at age 15.

Of course, this time around, we will not find hordes of screaming fans at the theatres but I wonder if we will get to see more facial expressions from her other than those blinking blank looks in New Moon? Well, anything just to confirm that she is not just a pretty face kissed by good luck.


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