Monday, June 01, 2009

'Vampire' Wins 5 MTV Movie Awards

Slumdog Millionaire Snubbed

JUNE 1, 2009 - Vampire movie Twilight won five categories at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, but it was an unscripted stunt involving Borat's Sacha Baron Cohen and singer Eminem that stole the show hosted by Saturday Night Live comedian Andy Samberg.

Fans voted Twilight for Best Movie, Best Kiss, Best Female Performance (Kristen Stewart), Best Male Breakthrough Performance (Robert Pattinson) and Best Fight awards. Viewers also had a sneak preview of the movie's forthcoming sequel New Moon.

Heath Ledger won the award for Best Villain, adding to the slew of trophies awarded to the "Dark Knight" actor after his death in January 2008.

Slumdog Millionaire," which won eight Oscars in February, had six MTV Movie awards nominations but came away empty-handed. This goes to show how the MTV Awards voting is so dominated by youngsters, especially girls.

The outrageous Cohen, promoting his movie Bruno in which he plays a gay Austrian fashionista, brought the house down. Sweeping high above the studio on a harness, Cohen hit an obstacle, spun down toward the audience and landed face down in the lap of Eminem, exposing his naked bottom to millions of viewers watching the awards show live on television.

For me, the most 'painful' moment was watching Keifer Sutherland 'going emotional' while paying tribute to Ben Stiller, recipient of the MTV Generation Award. Catch the video clips here.


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