Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Book's Just Off The Press!

This is not movie-related but I just got the advance copies of my new book, a biography on Tun Ahmad Sarji, the PNB Chairman, IKIM Chairman and former Chief Secretary to the Government, entitled Ahmad Sarji Attaining Eminence. For a writer, holding your newly printed book is like holding your new baby.

The book, printed by MPH, will be launched by the Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad at the PJ Hilton hotel at 8pm on Oct 10, 2008. The occasion is also to celebrate Tun Ahmad Sarji’s 70th birthday.

I started on the project after returning from Indiana, USA, last March and completed it in the middle of August, with express help from my wife, family and the Tun himself who is an avid P. Ramlee fan. In fact Ahmad Sarji has written many books on P. Ramlee, including an encyclopaedic volume in Malay, P. Ramlee Erti Yang Sakti, and co-writing a biography entitled P. Ramlee The Bright Star. Besides that, he also has one of the largest collection of P. Ramlee records and memorabilia.

The book traces the multi-faceted careers of Ahmad Sarji from his childhood and schooldays in Tapah, Perak, and how he joined the Malay Administrative Service in 1961. In less than three years he was appointed District Officer of Rembau, Negri Sembilan, and from then on, his Civil Service career took flight, running the gamut of State, Federal and Cabinet appointments, culminating in the top post as Chief Secretary to the Government from 1990 to 1996.

Then, at an age when most people opted to retire, he started a new chapter in his life, joining the corporate sector as Chairman of PNB and its companies; and in non-governmental and sports organisations, as President of the Heritage of Malaysia Trust, Pro-Chancellor and Adjunct Professor of a number of local universities and President of the Malaysia Lawn Bowls Federation. He has also been the Founding Chairman of IKIM (Institute of Islamic Understanding, Malaysia) since 1992.

Ahmad Sarji’s achievements won him numerous awards and recognitions such as the Tokoh Maal Hijrah 1999, Tokoh Melayu Terbilang, the BrandLaureate Brand Personality and his Tun-ship title in 2008. This book is a record of the attainments that distinguish Tun Ahmad Sarji in his eminence.


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