Friday, December 21, 2007

The Top 10 Movies of 2007

1. Love & Honor (Japanese: Like a breath of fresh air, this old 60s style Samurai flick is so captivating and refreshing, sans special effects and eye-candy. It harks back to the days of how action movies should be made.

2. Across The Universe: A nostalgic trip back to the 60s bouyed by catchy, revisionist Beatles tunes. Makes us wanna tap our feet and sing along.

3. Die Hard 4.0: Wow, Bruce Willis shows that he still has it as action hero despite his age and the stunts just blow us away.

4. Babel: Engaging and intelligent look at how modern (mis)communication can affect major countries withjust one minor incident in a remote part of the world.

5. Beowulf: Artistic and absorbing rendition of an Ole English poem, fully explained for modern audiences.

6. 1408: Now this is a really scary film, both psychologically and visually. Comes with alternate endings too.

7. Dream Girls: This unofficial insight into the lives and times of The Supremes offers many surprises, lively songs and fantastic performances.

8. Bourne Ultimatum: Despite its shaky camerawork, this third instalment of the Bourne trilogy is even better than the book.

9. Hula Girls (Japanese): A formulaic tear-jerker, this is the Japanese version of 'The Full Monty' with touching cultural insights.

10. 300: Artistic, pulsating and energetic CGI-enhanced remake of 'The 300 Spartans' gives us a surrealistic trip into history.

COMMENTS: In selecting my Top 10 Movies for 2007, I try to include a wide range of genres, from actioners and dramas to thrillers and musicals. The main criteria are their entertainment value, the impact of the plot, the performances and technical achievements. However, 2007 gave us nothing spectacular in terms of cinematic innovation or creativity. Here's hoping 2008 will really surprise us!


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