Thursday, December 06, 2007

S'KALI to be Screened at 2nd London Film Makers Convention

Dec 6 2007 – Indie movie, S'kali, will be screening at the Portobello Film Festival's 2nd London Film Makers Convention on Dec 7, at the Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10 5JJ. Its director, Arivind Abraham, will introduce the film to audiences at 6pm. Malaysians who are in London are invited to the screening, which is free of charge and uncensored.

The movie, produced by Perantauan Entertainment, was first screened locally at Cathay Cineplex Damansara's PictureHouse on 14 Sept 2006 – the first local effort to be shown in E-cinema format at the cineplex. S'kali was also shown at the Towson University, Maryland, USA, on 9 March 2007 – with Arivind and cameraman Benji Lim in attendance.

The second London Film Makers Convention, from 7 to 20 Dec, is a platform for all London film makers, from top independent production houses to DIY efforts, to show their latest works. There will be Q&A sessions and seminars where the filmmakers and the public can meet and plot the future of the British film industry. Like all Portobello Film Festival events, admission to the London Film Makers Convention is free.

Arivind, who is based in London, considers England his second home. It is learnt that Perantauan Entertainment will be shooting two movies in the middle of 2008, both of which are fully funded and approved. One of them is a horror-thriller expected to star Samantha Tan.


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now, this is what Akmal Abdullah meant when he said "festival nyamuk"! muahaha


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