Friday, November 09, 2007

WEEKEND PIC Nov 9 - 11 2007

Your Guide To The Weekend Viewing:

1. LIONS FOR LAMBS (social drama with Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise and Michael Pena) Rated * * 1/2 (out of 4): Reminiscent of the multi-layered "Babel", this Redford-directed movie is about three sets of people 'involved' in the war of terror in Afghanistan. It is slow and talky but there are some interesting insights and an abrupt ending.

2. BEE MOVIE (animated comedy with voices of Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger and Chris Rock) Rated: * * 1/2 (2.5 stars): Not quite as hilarious as "Shrek" or as engaging as "The Incredibles", this is a Seinfeld comedy about a bee falling in love with a human and suing mankind for theft of honey. (Reviewed below)

3. STARDUST (fantasy adventure with Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Michele Pfeiffer & Robert De Niro) Rated * * * (out of 4): Quite like the "Chronicles Of Narnia", this one is about a young man's quest for true love. The performances of Pfeiffer and De Niro are worth the price of the ticket. (Reviewed below)

4. SHOOT 'EM UP (actioner with Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci) Rated * * * (3 stars): This is a crazy spoof of the 'bang-bang' genre, with shoot-outs and chases piling up on each other. You would never guess how many shoutout situations there are here. And like in "Children Of Men", Owen is protecting a baby again! (Reviewed below)

5. BULLET & BRAIN (actioner with Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Alex Fong and Eric Tsang) Rated * * 1/2 (2.5 stars): A spoof on the HK gangster movies with veteran stars providing nostalgic humour in familiar roles. A see-and-forget flick. (Reviewed below)

6. 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (slasherpic with Josh Hartnett and Melissa George) Rated: * * (2 stars): The Alaskan town of Barrow is under siege by flesh-eating vampires during its 30 days of dakness. All you get is a feeling of helplessness - at the silly plot and situations. (Reviewed below)

7. BALLS OF FURY (Ping-pong comedy with Dan Fogler, Maggie Q and Christopher Walken) Rated: * (1 star): Watch this derivative comedy about and FBI mission with a ping-pong tourney only if you must not miss a Maggie Q movie. (Reviewed below)

8. EXODUS (HK crime drama with Simon Yam and Irene Wan) Rated * 1/2 (1.5 stars): Cop investigates a claim about a plot by some women to kill all the men on the planet. Is this a comedy? A spy thriller? A dream? None of the above. It's just one big bore! (Reviewed below)


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