Monday, October 15, 2007

Malaysian 'Flower' Blooms in Pusan

13 Oct - Congratulations to Liew Seng Tat for his double win at the Pusan International Film Festival last Friday (Oct 12). His debut movie, “Flower In The Pocket”, won the KNN Audience Award and shares the New Currents Award with two other films – “Life Track” (by Jin Guang Hao, China/Korea) and “Wonderful Town” (Aditya Assarat, Thailand).

The award means ‘US$30,000 in the pocket’ for Liew – the prize money each of the winners will receive. The number of New Currents Award was increased from one to three this year - to encourage efforts by emerging film-makers in Asia.

The KNN award is given to the most popular film chosen by festival audiences from New Currents section. The festival, the 12th of its kind, set a record for attendance – of nearly 200,000 people over its 10 days, during which it screened 271 films from around the world.

"Flower In The Pocket" will be released in Malaysia at GSC's International Screens on Dec 20. It was produced by Tan Chui Mui, whose "Love Conquers All" won the New Currents Award last year. Tan's US$30K winning for "Love Conquers All" was reportedly used to fund "Flower". This is really Malaysia Boleh for you!


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