Friday, October 12, 2007

'Mukhsin' To Be Screened in France, S. Korea

OCT 11, 2007 - At a time when the country is celebrating its first Malaysian in outer space, the local cinema industry can also rejoice in having its first movie to make a foray into France and South Korea.

The rights of director Yasmin Ahmad's "Mukhsin" has been acquired by FRench Film distributor Les Films du Preau for screening in cinema, video, and television in France next year. The deal was concluded by the film's producer-distributor Grand Brilliance and its foreign representative, Delphis Films of Canada.

Meanwhile, Kim Media of South Korea has also acquired the television rights to air "Mukhsin" in South Korea, marking another first for the Malaysian-made film.

"Yes, I'm very happy about it," said Yasmin, who received the news on Tuesday (9 Oct). "When watching other films, such as Bollywood films, Malaysians can identify with them. For French and Koreans to understand and identify with the humanity in this film shows that we are capable of making films for the world cinema," she added.

"Mukhsin", a tale about the budding love between two children in a typical Malay village, was released last year. It was Yasmin's third movie
after "Sepet" and "Gubra". Yasmin's fourth effort, "Mualaf", is currently in post-production.


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