Thursday, August 17, 2006

WEEKEND PIC (Aug 18-20 2006)

(A guide to help you plan your cinema-going)

1. THE ANT BULLY (fantasy adventure with voices of Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts) Rated * * * (3 stars out of 4): A boy, who takes out his frustrations on a colony of ants, learns some of life’s lessons when he is shrunk to ant size and taken to the colony. Great for the kids.

2. CLICK (Fantasy comedy with Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale and Christopher Walken) Rated: * * * (3 stars): Sandler gets more than he had bargained for when is given a ‘universal remote control’ that can freeze and fast forward time, and even erases unpleasant events.

3. MISTRESS OF SPICES (fantasy romance with Aishwarya Rai and Dylan McDermott) Rated * * (2 stars): This story about the magical of spices is supposed to be exotic and romantic but it turns out lifeless and bland. Mainly for Aishwarya fans.

4. GARFIELD 2: A TAIL OF 2 KITTIES (Comedy with Brekin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Bill Murray as voice of Garfield) Rated * * (2 stars): Based on the Prince and the ‘Pawper’ story, this one has Garfield being mistaken for a ‘royalty’ lookalike when he sneaks off to London with Jon. Juvenile and sometimes 'pawthetic' comedy.

5. NACHO LIBRE (Wrestling comedy with Jack Black) Rated * ½ (1.5 stars): Everything looks phoney in this comedy about a monastery chef (Black) who turns to wrestling to help buy better food for the orphans.


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