Saturday, July 31, 2010

'Joshua Tapes' To Open on Sept 30 at GSC

JULY 31, 2010 - Fans of Baki Zainal, one of the stars of NTV7's Mr. Siao's Mandarin Class, will get to see him in an independent local feature film called The Joshua Tapes on September 30 showing exclusively at GSC cinemas.

The movie, shot in peninsular Malaysia in June 2008, is directed by Arivind Abraham and Benji Lim who also served as writer and cameraman.

The Joshua Tapes is about three young friends who set off on a road trip that takes them through the heartland of Malaysia. Riding on a Pajero, they journey to the scenic East Coast, hoping to take in the sights. However, as their journey takes a series of unexpected turns, their inner demons close in on them.

The bonds of friendship that hold the boys together will be tested to the breaking point, leading them down a road of self-discovery. The Joshua Tapes is a story of friendship, truth and redemption, and of how the search for these things sometimes hurt, but ultimately heals us all.

The movie also stars Baki as Reza, Phoon Chi Ho (of comedy trio, MACC a.k.a. Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) as Ryan, Matthew Ho Tien Li as Ajeet, Alfred Loh as Joshua, and Grace Ng Fei Fen as Sam.

Co-director Abraham previously released S'kali in 2006 and has also directed a thriller called 5:13. Benji Lim was a co-director (with Bahir Yeusuff) of the 15Malaysia short film Meter that starred Khairy Jamaluddin.


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