Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Many Walk Out of 'Cloverfield' Despite BO Hit

21 Jan – “Cloverfield” may be the first monster hit of 2008, marking a record opening for January at US$41 million (RM130 million) but many cinemas in the US saw patrons walking out midway through the movie.

This is due to motion sickness caused by the shaky scenes of the movie which is shot from the perspective of a partygoer's hand-held videocam, capturing the mayhem as a monster tears through New York City.

Joceline Lim, 26, a retail manager from Oklahoma City, told this blogger by phone that she walked out of the screening hall about 20 minutes into the movie because the shaky camerawork of the movie made her seasick. “I tried closing my eyes and listen to the dialogue but that did not work. I had to walk out, leaving my boyfriend to continue watching the movie,” she said. “I managed to get my money back from the box-office after explaining my problem. The counter guy told me that many patrons walked out of the movie since it opened last Thursday.

Many cinemas in the US posted warning notices that “Cloverfield” may cause motion sickness to some patrons. Despite this, some cinemas allowed patrons toclaim a ‘rain check’ (a voucher for another show) while others allowed a refund if reasons given were valid.

Typically, January is the slowest month for the movie industry. However, creature-feature “Cloverfield” managed to surpass the US$35.9 million premiere weekend of “Star Wars: Special Edition” in 1997, the previous record taker for January. It reminds us of the sleeper hit "Blair Witch Project" (1999) which was also shot with a hand-held cam.


At 4:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cCan't see what all the fuss is about. I'm curious to see if they people who are walking out feeling sick are of a certain age. Those of us from the YouTube & MySpace generation should be totally used to this kind of camerawork.

I got to attend a special MySpace screening here in London with the director in attendance who gave us a heads up on the Easter Eggs at the end etc. And at no point did anyone walk out.

I have to say, JJ and gang have done it again. This is without a doubt THE BEST monster/disaster movie I have ever seen.

Arivind Abraham

At 9:09 am, Blogger Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Arivind,
Thanks for your comments. We are now in Bloomington, Ind, awaiting the birth of Jez's baby.
How r your projects going? Let me know as soon as anything happens. Regards.

At 11:33 pm, Anonymous mach5 said...

20 minutes and your friend walks out? She should have stayed i think the camera calms down after 25 mins or so...

bet she doesnt watch her wedding videos too often.


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